EWA Fundraising and Event-Siting Guidelines

About the Guidelines

Learn about EWA’s fundraising guidelines and event-siting guidelines.

Fundraising Guidelines

EWA raises revenue from an array of sources to ensure organizational and financial health in furtherance of its mission to strengthen the community of education writers and improve the quality of education coverage to better inform the public. Those sources include grants from nonprofit, nonpartisan philanthropic foundations; event sponsorships from nonprofit and for-profit organizations; event registration fees; member contributions; in-kind donations from educational institutions; occasional fee-for-service contracts; and various forms of sponsored messaging.

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Event-Siting Guidelines

EWA each year holds multiple in-person professional gatherings for members, such as the annual National Seminar, data training workshops, and networking functions. The National Seminar is by far EWA’s largest annual conference and a key means of raising revenue to sustain the organization’s operations. Other events, such as the annual Higher Education Seminar and assorted topical convenings, are mainstays of EWA programming and also important revenue sources. Annual decisions about where to site events are among our most consequential.

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