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EWA’s Public Editor Kavitha Cardoza interviews a new journalist each week on EWA Radio, a podcast about education and its coverage in the media. If you have an idea for an episode, let Kavitha know.

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Public Editor Kavitha Cardoza and speakers discussed algorithmic bias, surveillance technologies and other technologies that harm vulnerable student groups during EWA’s public session at the 2023 SXSW EDU Conference in Austin, Texas. Learn about this issue and what some communities are doing to fight back. (EWA Radio Episode 316)

Public Editor Kavitha Cardoza introduces listeners to EWA’s new executive director, Kathy Chow. Previously, Chow served as executive director for Asian American Journalists Association for eight years and oversaw other nonprofits. Learn more about Chow, such as what attracted her to the position, and hear her plans for EWA. (EWA Radio Episode 315)

“Free-speech” advocates are pushing to cancel courses related to race. Non-tenured college faculty of color disproportionately are carrying the burden of this activism. ProPublica’s Daniel Golden discusses his coverage of these issues, including his trip to Florida to see how the “Stop Woke Act” is playing out on college campuses. (EWA Radio Episode 314)

A Nebraska school district eliminated a decades-old student newspaper after students reported on LGBTQ+ topics – an act of censorship, press freedom advocates said. (EWA Radio Episode 313)

Jill Barshay has been following tutoring research since before the COVID-19 pandemic. She tells listeners what the research says, discusses what type of tutoring schools are doing, and shares how she uses education research to find stories. (EWA Radio Episode 312)

Scott Jaschik predicts the issues to watch for in higher education this year.