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EWA’s Public Editor Emily Richmond interviews a new journalist each week on EWA Radio, a podcast about education and its coverage in the media. If you have an idea for an episode, let Emily know.

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Kalyn Belsha, senior national reporter for Chalkbeat, shares what to watch for on the K-12 beat in the new academic year. (EWA Radio Episode 328)

Paul Glastris, editor-in-chief of the Washington Monthly, shares insights from the magazine’s innovative college rankings (EWA Radio Episode 327)

Scott Jaschik advises reporters about the top issues in higher education they should be watching during the new school year. (EWA Radio Episode 326)

No matter what beat Mike Hixenbaugh covers, he approaches reporting with one thing in mind: Showing how individuals are affected, especially students and teachers amid ongoing political fights. (EWA Radio Episode 325)

ProPublica, Chicago Tribune investigation into police ticketing students at school brings calls for end to the practice, new legislation on school discipline policies. (EWA Radio Episode 324)

Returning and outgoing public editors, Emily Richmond and Kavitha Cardoza discuss supporting reporters, rethinking how journalists are trained in J-school, future plans and more. (EWA Radio Episode 323)