2021 Visual Storytelling (Larger Newsroom) Finalists

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Kevin Armstrong & Amr Alfiky
The New York Times

“No Shortcuts” on 40-Mile Rite of Passage

Comments from the Judges:

“Compelling images and writing that capture the essence of these young students and the arduous task they set out to tackle. Embedding with the group for the full four days really helped to take the reader along for their physical and emotional journey.​”

GBH News Staff
GBH News

COVID and the Classroom

Comments from the Judges:

“Engaging storytelling through innovative content gathering techniques. The diversity of voices across the series helped strike at the heart of how the pandemic impacted educators/students across the spectrum.”

“This is flat out terrific! Taken in its entirety, this gives the audience a strong sense of what our young people are coping with during Covid. The producers made good choices and clearly developed strong relationships of trust with the young people. This was a treat to watch.”

Anya Kamenetz, LA Johnson & Steve Drummond

The History of Vaccine Mandates

Comments from the Judges:

“Effective use of graphic visualization to recount pivotal events in vaccination history. The depictions clearly told a story. Overall, compelling visually and succinctly tells the story of a long and complex vaccination history..”

“This is fascinating and very well done.”

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