2023 Beat Reporting (Education-Only Outlets) Finalists

See finalists listed in alphabetical order.

Beth Hawkins 

The 74

Beth Hawkins – Beat Reporting, Education

Comments From the Judges:

“It’s pretty rare to read an education story that is unusual or breaking new ground. Beth does that repeatedly in her reporting. Great stories. Well written. She navigates seamlessly between various types of storytelling. Well done.”

“This submission included strong reporting exposing some of the problems in providing services for students with disabilities and supporting LGBTQ students.”

Linda Jacobson

The 74

Linda Jacobson: Beat Reporting for The 74

Comments From the Judges:

“A very strong submission. The submission contained thoroughly reported watchdog and enterprise work. I loved the story about ESA spending for items, such as a chicken coop for a science lesson, trampolines and horseback riding lessons. The piece about Oklahoma’s superintendent was well-told and balanced.”

“Great reporting and writing. Really interesting stories.The Zoom return for a new reason surprised as did the Oklahoma educator turned conservative [activist].”

Charlotte West

Open Campus

Covering the Critical Role of Higher Ed in Prisons

Comments From the Judges:

“An impressive package of articles about a topic that is not covered enough by education reporters. The package of stories exposed problems in helping inmates get an education, such as the prison being ineligible for Pell grants and about how student loan debt can grow in prison.”

“Really interesting stories. A niche that is not covered well if at all by anyone else. [The] stories are strong. Interesting topic[s] and well reported.”