2023 Features (Broadcast) Finalists

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Elissa Nadworny, Lauren Migaki, Steve Drummond, Claire Harbage & Hanna Palamarenko


Ukraine Kindergarten 

Comments From the Judges:

“In a word, POWERFUL! The reporter on the ground in Ukraine, coupled with the voices of the tiniest victims of the war was so touching. Her descriptions with the natural sound made me feel like I was there, and I didn’t need the video. Outstanding series!!!!”

“Powerful representation of education disrupted by war. The time spent with each family comes through in the continuation of sound bites woven throughout the piece in the context of each family’s story, humanizing and grounding the series in lived experiences.”

Talia Richman, Chris Benderev & Bethel Habte

The Dallas Morning News & This American Life

See Something, Slay Something

Comments From the Judges:

“[Phenomenal] story. Intimate. Emotional. This is what radio should be. I was completely gripped by the injustice. The entire thing was surprising and disturbing. The description in the submission was good – this was a vital learning experience for adults in charge.”

“An incredibly powerful piece of storytelling. Humanizing, timely, and important reminder that authoritative figures don’t know it all. A great reminder to trust the instincts and lived experiences of the younger generation who are living in the immediate stress of continued school shootings.”