2023 Investigative & Public Service Reporting (Large Newsroom) Finalists

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Matt Drange

Business Insider

An Epidemic of Sexual Abuse in Schools: Shoddy Investigations, Quiet Resignations, and a Culture of Secrecy Have Protected Predators, Not Students.

Comments From the Judges:

“This reporting by Matt Drange is simply phenomenal. The story structure of this series has been novel from the start: A powerful, in-depth investigation into failures at the journalist’s former high school to confront educator sexual abuse on students. The tips poured in from across the country, and he chose to follow their leads. The result is an unprecedented look at the frequency of child sexual abuse by educators.”

“The investigation did an impressive job revealing a school’s unsafe environment. It shows we need real changes to protect students. Great work uncovering this important issue.”

Nicole Noren, T.J. Quinn, William Weinbaum, Rayna Banks, Chris Buckle, Craig T. Lazarus, Cathy Honeywell, Mike Drago & Laura Purtell


LISTEN: ESPN investigates Lauren McCluskey’s murder

Comments From the Judges:

“ESPN deserves praise for this heartbreaking, in-depth investigation into the murder of Lauren McCluskey. The years of reporting were well worth the effort. The storytelling drew me in from start to finish. This story used an extensive analysis of documents that were collected over several years. This story hits all the key elements of classic, high-impact accountability journalism.”

“Gripping, tragic and enraging. Masterful work that reveals the sheer amount of missteps and failures by multiple authorities and institutions and the push to cover it up.”

Deanna Pan

The Boston Globe

‘What Exactly Is Fair About This?’: Great High Schools Aren’t Available to All Boston Kids.

Comments From the Judges:

“It’s a story that seems to repeat nationwide: a public school system that has at least one “good school” and one “bad school.” But why? The reporter does a fantastic job of digging into that through both the eyes of a student and through data and history [to] get to the why. Hopefully, the proposed changes lead to change.”

“The depth of reporting here adds value to the conversation and presents the information in a way that is clear, compelling and actionable.This is a beautifully told accountability story that focuses on a profound challenge.”