2023 News (Broadcast) Finalists

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Jenny Brundin, Alison Borden & Hart Van Denburg

Colorado Public Radio

What’s Happening in Woodland Park? 

Comments From the Judges:

“This is a powerful look at just one small district infected by the national politics and polarization the whole country is dealing with. It shows how teachers and education suffer when partisan politicians get involved. This is a warning to every school district and teacher in the country. The fact that this school district and its leaders sought to bring back a focus on traditional education by gagging teachers and [cutting] mental health funding was just shocking. This series of pieces is important for anyone who cares about education.”

“The storytelling within this submission was powerful, emotional, well-crafted, and examines numerous timely issues from a local lens with national relevance in a growing era of divisiveness within public education. The slightly different formats presented within audio storytelling in each segment (interview with live clip context, individual storytelling, etc) was helpful with moving the overall narrative forward.”

Carolyn Peirce, Chris Papst, Ray Rogowski, Jed Gamber, Dwayne Myers & Anthony Durso

Fox45 Baltimore

Behind Closed Doors

Comments From the Judges:

“An excellent investigative series into the Maryland State Department of Education. There are so many revelations here that are shocking and sad because of the impact on students. The impact of the reports is also clear and measurable — numerous officials upset, several calls for investigations, petitions and the eventual resignation of the superintendent of MSDE. If only this level of resources, reporter time and effort was available to cover educational systems across the nation.”

“Excellent report and follow up. This demonstrates solid investigation skills and dogged reporting skills. The reporter went directly to the focus of the inquiry and did not let up; the report leading to the superintendent’s demise.”

Camille Phillips

Texas Public Radio

Golden Pennies: Why Texas School Funding Still Isn’t Fair

Comments From the Judges:

“This was a complicated story, but the reporter did a job (notably in the first segment) with explaining recapture and the four issues with TX school funding including ‘golden pennies.’ The reporter should be applauded to make it make sense. Good job Camille in reporting from different school districts … including the one that is benefitting the most. That one I think was most effective–showcasing the key cards and other features, in contrast to the Austin school.”

“Interesting information and good juxtaposition between the actual policy and funding process coinciding with lack of public understanding and eventual public resentment towards education / education funding due to that misunderstanding.”