2023 Podcast (All Newsroom Sizes) Finalists

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Ave Carrillo, Christopher Werth, Stephen Rex Brown, Clayton Guse, Jessica Gould & Gina Vosti

WNYC & Gothamist

An NYC Student’s Yearslong Struggle to Get Proper Instruction for Dyslexia

Comments From the Judges:

“Compelling look at one of the biggest challenges facing public education today – inadequate or improper reading instruction and the income-related inequities facing students with the greatest difficulties learning to read. Jessica does an excellent job of getting to the bottom of one boy’s difficulties, his family’s struggle for solutions and the systemic barriers involved.”

“Dyslexia in NYC ep 1 – starts brilliantly. Good voices, well mixed. The premise by itself is more than compelling, given that dyslexia is among the most widely known educational ‘disabilities’ that is diagnosable and manageable. Yes, the grandmother’s (Trenace) story is emotional and honest. She’s almost in tears. I’m almost in tears. Good use of music (drums) as emphasis, as opposed to using it for emotional manipulation.”

Mike Hixenbaugh, Antonia Hylton & Frannie Kelley

NBC News Studios


Comments From the Judges:

“A disturbing, nuanced treatment with strong tape. The reporters showed great patience in pursuing all sides of this story, and found an excellent subject in teacher Emily Ramser, a tragic embodiment of the culture wars coursing through many U.S. schools.”

“Outstanding. Wonderfully told personal tales helped [illuminate] school district and school board [policies’ in Grapevine, TX. But really, this was a podcast of people’s stories, so it was compelling, emotional, thoughtful, with outstanding editing, a good mix of effective but not manipulative music, and even the occasional pause. Top job, folks. nicely done. Again.”

Iggy Monda, Nina Earnest, Jessica Pupovac, Michael Garofalo, Carly Peruccio, Siona Peterous & Meghan Coyle

Freelance, PRX & Religion of Sports

ROS Presents: Roughhousing

Comments From the Judges:

“Roughhousing/hazing ain’t always just boys being boys. Good storytelling and quite a number of voices expressing the violence and surprise. The podcast is saying – this isn’t unusual or surprising as many might think. Good Qs – is this normal and usual in the world of life and sports, or NOT? This is a compelling story well told.”

“Powerful. Overwhelming even. A brutal and heartbreaking account of one young man’s horrible experience with hazing – and what it put his family through. Really digs deep into why hazing is so pervasive. Asking tough questions of the perpetrators, coaches and even, himself, was so revealing.”