2020 Audio Storytelling (Larger Newsroom) Winner

Marianne McCune, Kai Wright, Christopher Werth and Karen Frillmann | WNYC Studios

About the Winner

This United States of Anxiety podcast told a story about the Sausalito Marin City School District and its complicated present and past — going all the way back to the 14th amendment — in audio. Instead of following one or two families, it brought the voices of many people, putting listeners into the shoes of many members of a fractured community

Comments from the Judges

“A compelling story, painful to listen to, this piece emphasizes that silence around diversity issues is a sign of power. This piece shows that white students hold the cards, they have the choice, the freedom to choose where to send their kids, even when the school system is supposedly creating new opportunities for nonwhites.”

“REALLY well-crafted piece … great tape, great voices throughout, and good writing makes this one of the best pieces I’ve heard about the incredibly complex issue of school segregation. The reporter’s leg work was impressive and it showed.”