2014 Beat Reporting for Print/Online (Medium Staff) Winner

Nikole Hannah-Jones | ProPublica

Nikole Hannah-Jones of ProPublica spent more than a year exploring the stubborn segregation – and the accelerating resegregation – of America’s schools.

Comments from the Judges

“Fascinating look at the segregation, integration and then re-segregation of Tuscaloosa schools told through the eyes of three generations of a single family. Their personal insights and experiences worked very effectively in telling the story of the impact that racial discrimination and politics have on education and the students schools are supposed to serve.”

“Powerful, extraordinarily well reported pieces about segregation. The first one in particular combines the personal narratives of one family with the wider and historical social trends that affected their lives. The amount of leg work and legal research for these pieces pay off very well. The sweep and ambition of the pieces are rare. Congrats.”