2015 Beat Reporting for Print/Online (Medium Staff) Winner

Ericc Hoover | The Chronicle of Higher Education

Eric Hoover explores many aspects of the complex world of college admissions through a fresh lens.

Comments from Judges:

“Extremely strong coverage of a beat that would be hard to crack and keep interesting. It is particularly notable how Hoover is not afraid to tackle the big question in college admissions – why has it changed so little? – and write critically about the sources on his beat. The story on art school admissions was a treat, and the piece on the powerful intervening on behalf of applicants was revealing.”

“Hoover has written a very strong and varied set of stories for this important beat. I appreciated his clear, clever writing throughout the package… I also appreciated the way he hits on the major themes (data mining and the admissions/financial pressures on colleges) while also undertaking some more unconventional stories, like the detailed, eye-opening piece on what the admissions process is like for aspiring art students.”