2018 Beat Reporting (Large Staff) Winner

Erica L. Green | The New York Times

“Erica Green National Education Beat Reporting”

About the Entry

Erica Green’s meticulous and sensitive reporting included interviewing 46 people to buttress an investigation into abuses and manipulation behind a high school that developed a reputation for sending disadvantaged students to the Ivies. Her deep sourcing also enabled her to break scoops about new federal rules.

Comments from the Judges

“Erica Green had an incredible year of reporting. She broke major national news, wrote an incredible investigation of a celebrated private school, and wrote with sensitivity and depth about a variety of education topics.”

“Outstanding, impactful work that delivers accountability, understanding and emotional resonance.”

“This is what education reporting is all about. The entry contains an array of well-reported stories on difficult subjects. The T.M. Landry story is one of the best-reported stories I’ve read this year.”