2018 Beat Reporting (Small Staff) Winner

Jessica Bakeman | WLRN News

“Jessica Bakeman Covers Education for WLRN News”

About the Entry

Jessica Bakeman’s deep and careful coverage of disasters such as hurricanes and tragedies such as the Parkland shootings has revealed surprising and important truths and had a demonstrable positive impact on her community.

Comments from the Judges

“Bakeman’s stories epitomize the “depth” and “breadth” education reporters strive for. Fantastic human voices from students (particularly in the Stoneman Douglas High School reopening and Miami Country Day pieces) and diligent work with public records and deep sources. These entries were a joy to listen to.”

“This is tremendous reporting. … Jessica Bakeman is smart, comprehensive and aggressive. She doesn’t take public officials’ comments at face value — she uses public records and sourcing. Accountability reporting is tough at a public radio station with a small newsroom, but Jessica clearly excels at it. Meanwhile, her coverage of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting is devastating.”

“Powerful, sensitive coverage of extremely difficult subjects.”