2019 Beat Reporting (Medium Staff) Winner

Stephen Sawchuk | Education Week

“Citizen Z: Civics Education”

About the Entry

With the nation facing deep political and cultural divides, how are teachers handling momentous civic moments like presidential impeachment? What role should schools play in preparing youths to be active, engaged citizens? The “Citizen Z” project has been investigating these questions for more than 18 months. The following stories are the highlights of the second year of the ambitious initiative.

Comments from the Judges

“I loved these stories. I thought they were fresh and interesting takes on an issue that is often overlooked by reporters and schools alike. The story about whether schools model the civics they teach was fascinating and held me through the end. I also loved the story about math and civics! In some ways, his stories gave me hope that schools are finding ways to engage all students in a time when everything seems divided.”

“So well-written, such new-to-me ideas. Well-organized, thought-provoking. So much respect for young people. Comprehensive, absolutely relevant. Could not have been done better.”