2018 Hechinger Prize and Features (Large Staff) Winner

Hannah Dreier (ProPublica), New York Magazine, The New York Times Magazine

“Casualties of a Crackdown: MS-13 on Long Island”

About the Entry

In a pair of feature stories, reporter Hannah Dreier explores how two teenagers from Central America were swept up in the Trump administration’s crackdown on violent U.S. gangs.

Comments from the Judges

“These were heartbreaking stories about how school resource officers become spies for police departments and ICE. The extensive reporting combined with intimate portraits of the two students make this an unforgettable series.”

“These two features are stunning and explosive. The reporter used dogged determination to gain access to these young men and those involved. She then turns her detailed reporting into feature writing that is exquisite, engaging, clear and commanding.”

“The reporter artfully tells these personal stories of Henry and Alex while also providing greater context of immigration policy, school policing and national politics.”