2016 Investigative Reporting for Broadcast Winner

Cate Cahan (Editor), Sarah Karp (Education Reporter) and Becky Vevea (Education Reporter) | WBEZ

About the Entry

As cash-strapped Chicago Public Schools spend millions on new schools and additions, further cementing race and class segregation in the district, WBEZ examines ways in which these policy decisions lead to real-world consequence for students, educators, and families.

Comments from the Judges

“While the topic of school segregation is well-covered ground in education reporting in recent years, this series adds to the audience’s understand of how and why segregation persists. The writing and presentation of the pieces is excellent.”

“This is not a topic that is ‘sexy’ but the reporters kept me listening through clear writing and by sprinkling in specifics – specific dollar amounts, specific buildings, specific city decisions. Thorough reporting.”