2018 Public Service (Large Staff) Winner 1

David Jackson, Jennifer Smith Richards, Gary Marx and Juan Perez Jr. | Chicago Tribune

About the Entry

This investigative project by the Chicago Tribune finds that the city’s public school system fails to protect students from sexual abuse and assault, leaving lasting damage.

Comments From the Judges

“A stunning report that forced the Chicago school community to confront failures that resulted in the sexual abuse of students.”

“This hard-hitting report about the sexual abuse of students by predators in schools is investigative journalism at its best. … The story also documents with excruciating detail the negligence of educators who were more interested in protecting the system than protecting the victims.”

“The interactive nature of the layout is also a true service to readers, who might easily be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information presented. The reporters should also be congratulated for discussing publicly their process for reporting such sensitive material involving traumatized children.”