2018 Public Service (Medium Staff) Winner

Staff | South Florida Sun Sentinel

“Parkland: History’s Most Preventable School Shooting”

About the Entry

The massacre of 17 students and teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School proved to be the most preventable school shooting in history. Over most of the year, the South Florida Sun Sentinel showed why.

Comments From the Judges

“This is outstanding work. The Sun Sentinel persistently stood up to a major institution, demanding answers on the behalf of the public. The stories have a sense of outrage that matches their import.”

“When the cameras left and the marches were over, The Sun Sentinel doggedly went after the one question that went unanswered amid the outcry of the Parkland shooting: How did this happen? I am convinced they’ve brought a sense of justice and comfort to the families who lost loved ones who so desperately deserve answers.”

“Outstanding use of graphics and deep reporting to create the minute-by-minute overview. Great investigative reporting to follow on the context around schools reporting crimes to the state.”