2021 Investigative Reporting (Larger Newsroom) Winner

Hannah Dreyfus, ProPublica

About the Winner:

Hannah Dreyfus, an Abrams reporting fellow at ProPublica, unearthed the stunning injustices faced by victims of sexual assault at one of America’s most prominent universities through months of detailed interviews, careful evaluation of corroborating evidence and the methodical collection of photo evidence, school records, medical records and police records.

Comments from the Judges:

“Very well done story. It was both a shocking and compelling read, with lots of interviews, photos and records to back up the reporting.”

“This reporter’s deeply layered and careful reporting exposed the disregard Liberty officials seemed to have for victims and the great lengths they would go to hide any problems. The level of trust gained through careful interactions with victims is clear and that hard work resulted in a shocking body of work.”