2014 Investigative Reporting for Broadcast Winner

Dwayne Bray, Chris Buckle, Tom Farrey, Tim Hays, Paula Lavigne and Nicole Noren | ESPN

Outside the Lines: “Sasha’s Story” and “Victims of Inaction”

Title IX aims to protect students, but schools can be slow to act — if they do at all

Comments from the Judges:

“Very well done. This piece handled delicate problems (sexual assault, mental health) very well. It raised important questions and took school administrators to task. The reporter stood his ground when interviewing university officials, refusing to accept the classic bureaucratic answers. The victims weren’t pitied, but were the centerpiece of a compelling story about how at least one university handles uncomfortable issues involving students, especially when those students are athletes. The piece also drew a surprising distinction between how female and male athletes are treated differently. Well done.”