2017 Single-Topic News or Feature for Print/Online (Small Staff) Winner

Matt Barnum (reporter), Dylan Peers McCoy (reporter) and Laura Kebede (reporter) | Chalkbeat

“The Portfolio Model”

About the Entry

Chalkbeat won kudos from judges for its in-depth series about the rising influence and power of a network of organizations pushing public school districts to outsource school management – especially of low-performing schools – to charters.

Comments from the Judges

“This series synthesized a large amount of research, seamlessly stitching together multiple (controversial) reform-y ideas. Chronicling the efforts of multiple cities, while talking with key players in those cities, revealed the struggles and the power-plays happening in the world of school intervention and turnaround.”

“Interesting look at the portfolio model, the kind of reforms I see emerging in other areas of the country.”