2018 Single-Topic News (Large Staff) Winner

The New York Times Magazine, Jeneen Interlandi, Sara Mosle, Dale Russakoff, Brian Ulrich and Jaime Lowe

“The Education Issue”

About the Entry

The New York Times Magazine produced an issue that explored, with depth and humanity, some of the most important education trends and questions of the day, such as what’s driving rising teacher activism, how can we improve instruction, and how do we educate violence-traumatized children.

Comments from the Judges

“An exceptional package. Each story did a wonderful job of allowing you enough time to get to know the main characters. The reader ends up feeling an emotional connection to these folks. At the end of the day, education policy is about people.”

“This five-part series was an important and timely endeavor to cover a resurgent teachers’ movement and its political implications … The range of stories and great writing provided a nearly seamless narrative of what it takes to teach in America today.”