2018 Single-Topic News (Medium Staff) Winner

Staff | South Florida Sun Sentinel

“Parkland Shooting: From the Causes to the Aftermath”

About the Entry

Members of the South Florida Sun Sentinel newsroom overcame secretive and, in some cases, deceptive, public officials to inform their community about the causes and events leading up to a horrific school shooting. Their comprehensive coverage led to changes in staffing and school discipline policies.

Comments from the Judges

“These stories were so vivid, from piecing together the timeline of how parents whose children were killed were notified to piecing together Nikolas Cruz’s childhood. Every story was heartbreaking, but I didn’t feel they were overly melodramatic. And I can only imagine how hard it must have been for journalists who are members of this community to produce these stories about how their community is grieving.”

“This is very solid, important, community-oriented reporting on this tragedy….these stories show context, depth, and compassion.”