2019 Single-Topic News (Large Staff) Winner 2

Howard Blume, Sonali Kohli and Ruben Vives | Los Angeles Times

“Los Angeles Teachers’ Strike”

About the Entry

The Los Angeles Times education team’s careful, thoughtful and thorough coverage of the LAUSD teachers’ strike gave the city’s 500,000 parents important information about and insight into the realities of the district’s finances and the real impacts of the strike on students, parents and strikers.

Comments from the Judges

“Outstanding coverage of a complex, consequential and unfolding story told through a variety of approaches, all useful and compelling.”

“These articles took readers…behind closed doors to see what happened in the negotiations that ended the walkout. The blow-by-blow narrative of that last day was impressive for its detail and drama – you could feel the tension in the room as the mayor worked to bring the leaders of the union and the district to agreement.”