2013 Data Journalism (Medium Staff) Second Prize: Kelly Hinchcliffe and Tyler Dukes

Kelly Hinchcliffe and Tyler Dukes | WRAL (Raleigh, N.C.)

“NC Superintendents’ Contracts Packed With Perks”

Judges’ Comments:

“The reporting and data use in this entry about superintendent contracts is comprehensive and user-friendly. Not only did Kelly Hinchcliffe tread and annotate every superintendent’s contract in North Carolina, she helped organize it in a way that readers would find accessible. The article accompanying the work was also clear and well-organized.”

“Kelly Hinchcliffe conducted what sounds like an exhausting battle to obtain superintendent contracts from 115 school districts. The effort paid off with a database, open to readers and augmented with a map, [that] brings transparency to the topic. The data are accompanied by nice writing — clear and balanced explanations about what goes into salary negotiations.”