2015 Beat Reporting for Print/Online (Medium Staff) Finalist: Trevon Milliard

Trevon Milliard | Reno Gazette-Journal

Trevon Milliard covers a diverse range of K-12 topics, from transgender student rights to expanded testing.

Comments from Judges:

“Trevon is a beat reporter’s beat reporter. It is clear he is well established on the beat, knows what questions to ask, and knows what answers his readers want — and even those they may not know they want. … The storytelling, like that of the the transgender student, was compelling to the very last word. He writes with authority, as beat reporters should be able to do — people rely on them to tell them what they know, not what officials want them to know. … The inside scoop on the trustees rescinding the vote. The new preschool was particularly strong. The vaccine and voucher story were unique and insightful.”

“A strong set of stories, particularly the sensitively told story of the transgender student. I appreciated the range, and Milliard’s efforts to put district issues — expanding pre-K offerings, the possibility of an appointed school board — in national context.”