2015 Finalist for the EGF Accelerator’s Eddie Prize: Cory Turner

Cory Turner | NPR

“The FAFSA Quick Fix”

There is a simple change to FAFSA that would make it easier and earlier for students hoping to get help paying for college.

Comments from the Judges:

“From beginning to end, this NPR entry is outstanding. … He takes a burdensome government (student aid) program and makes it easy to understand its complexities. He lays out the problem, potential ways to solve the problem and then concludes in showing how the feds actually listened and made needed changes.”

“This piece does what NPR often does so well — takes a complicated subject and makes it easier for listeners to digest. One of Cory’s strengths is delivering stories in a very conversational way so that it’s easy to follow him.”

“This is a good example of careful reporting that has had a significant impact on the fortunes of perhaps 100,000 or more low-income students . …What makes this stand out, however, is what happened after the broadcast: genuine policy change!”