2016 Data Journalism Finalists: Bridge Michigan, Detroit Free Press, Fox 2 Detroit, WDET Detroit Public Radio Staff

About the Entry

A collaboration among reporters with the Detroit Free Press, Fox 2 Detroit, Bridge Magazine and WDET Detroit Public Radio dug into the professional histories and finances of school board candidates competing to lead the fiscally fragile Detroit public school district.

Comments from the Judges

“A great and exhaustive public service – the voters of Detroit should be grateful to these reporters for digging into this sprawling slate of candidates. The stakes and unusual circumstances of the election are also clearly outlined and explained.”

“An inspiring collaboration between different Detroit media outlets that served a valuable public service in making information about the (many) school board candidates easily accessible to the public and flagging potential issues for different candidates. The collaboration undoubtedly allowed the news organizations to reach a much broader audience and have a deeper impact.”