2016 Investigative Reporting for Print/Online (Medium Staff) Finalist: Annie Waldman

Annie Waldman (Reporter) | ProPublica

About the Entry

This investigation delves into the system for overseeing for-profit colleges widely accused of preying on vulnerable students, and uncovered conflicts of interests and other shortcomings in one of the accrediting agencies that kept taxpayer dollars flowing to the schools.

Comments from the Judges

“Annie Waldman continues ProPublica’s blockbuster reporting on for-profit colleges and their misdeeds. Bravo for them for sticking with an issue that has affected millions of students in profound and negative ways. The initial story on the graduation rates of the ACICS regulated schools was incredibly illuminating and drove home the point that even after years of scrutiny, major problems exist in the for-profit space.”

“A lot has been written on for-profits but the focus on the accreditation agency is new, fertile and interesting ground to cover.”