2016 Single-Topic News or Feature for Broadcast Finalist: KALW Public Radio Staff

Hannah Kingsley-Ma and Liza Veale (Reporters) | KALW Public Radio

About the Entry

The work of orienting young migrant children often falls to resource-strapped schools like Castlemont High School in East Oakland, Calif., where hundreds of newcomers need help adjusting to their new realities.

Comments from the Judges

“This is a really compelling story that took some time to tell. There were several wonderful scenes here and the reporters did a great job telling the stories of school initiatives, student-led solutions to bullying and complicated race relations.”

“I loved this angle on newcomer kids – it’s amazing this perspective isn’t more well covered. And this is a really good exploration of their experience … especially in the discussion of funding, race and competition over limited resources, I felt like I was hearing something that I rarely hear discussed honestly on the radio (or in any media). I thought this story was fascinating.”