2018 Beat Reporting (Small Staff) Finalist: Felicia Mello

Felicia Mello | CALMatters

About the Entry

In CALMatters’ first year with dedicated higher education beat, reporter Felicia Mello has broken high-impact scoops about everything from the state government’s lax oversight of for-profit colleges to a dispute pitting Native Americans against university archaeologists.

Comments from the Judges

“Smart, in-depth reporting. I especially liked how the reporter focused on underserved communities — not just the elite public and private schools in California.”

“Confident, clear, insightful writing, buoyed by skillful reporting. The story about the homeless college student masterfully wove the experience of one student with stats, context and possible solutions. Important work.”

“This is a stellar collection of well-rounded, thoughtful stories. Her stories are well-written with deft human touches, and they probe deeply.”