2018 Beat Reporting (Small Staff) Finalist: Suevon Lee

Suevon Lee | Honolulu Civil Beat

About the Entry

Suevon Lee turned her education beat into a springboard for impactful enterprise reporting on a wide range of important but often ignored issues, including the surprising challenges faced by Marshallese and Micronesian students, financial problems faced by some Hawaiian charter schools, and gender discrimination in school sports.

Comments from the Judges

“Really vibrant, in-depth package of stories. Each one probes a new topic with a deft mix of curiosity and authority. The human details bring the transgender and female athletes alive, and in the latter story, illustrate why this is so much more than a legal burden.”

“Interesting, diverse range of stories. Strong writing, supported by great use of detail, especially in the story about athletic facilities.”

“Excellent package that shows a mastery of a beat in Hawaii. Includes a good variety of topics. Among my favorites: a feature on recruiting teachers in faraway locations; an investigative piece about the lack of girls’ locker rooms and the exploration of Micronesian students’ issues. Very solid, well-reported and focused.”