2018 Best Audio Storytelling (Larger Staff) Finalist: APM Reports Staff

Emily Hanford, Catherine Winter and Chris Julin | APM Reports

“Still Rising: First-Generation College Students a Decade Late”

About the Entry

This documentary from APM Reports is a story about hope and resilience, the deep class divisions in American higher education, the power of religious belief, and how education changes people.

Comments from the Judges

“These are compelling, well-told stories. It can be challenging to do a follow-up like this, and Emily’s tenacity in tracking her subjects down is admirable. She also does a good job of alternating between narrating and giving her subjects time to tell their own stories.”

“A really well-constructed documentary – nice to hear the reporter revisit these two characters 10 years later to hear how going to college profoundly changed their lives. The scenes are well-constructed and the piece really moves along.”