2018 Best Audio Storytelling (Larger Staff) Finalist: Colorado Public Radio Staff

Jenny Brundin, Kate Smith and Jim Hill | Colorado Public Radio

“Allegations of Emotional Abuse Rock Denver’s Renowned School of the Arts”

About the Entry

This series on Denver’s elite School of the Arts explores allegations from students and parents of verbal and emotional abuse and bullying by teachers they say created a toxic atmosphere for years. Some say they faced physical and mental health repercussions because of their experiences. The stories shed light on a rarely reported or researched phenomenon — the emotional abuse of students by teachers who use fear and intimidation to illicit high artistic performance.

Comments from the Judges

“The reporting is solid and fair. Everyone has a chance to tell their version of events.”

“Very solid reporting on a long history of allegations against two dance teachers and two vocal teachers at a specialized Denver School of the Arts.”

“A very solid series that focused on the voices of students and brought meaningful change to a community.”