2018 Features (Large Staff) Finalist: Rachel Aviv

Rachel Aviv | The New Yorker

“Georgia’s Separate and Unequal Special Education System”

About the Entry

A statewide network of schools for students with disabilities has trapped black children in neglect and isolation.

Comments from the Judges

“A beautifully woven narrative of an autistic boy’s journey through the special education system, one that is unfair both to him and his ill-equipped teachers. The unadorned writing, told in a straightforward and unemotional way, makes this more powerful. “

“Very impressive use of data, documents and getting copies of the videos. Nice presentation of weaving all reporting into a strong narrative.”

“The reporter has done a wonderful job of weaving the narrative with small details that show us the life and culture of the town. We see and know the people she describes. It is the kind of storytelling we all strive to do.”