2018 Finalist for the EGF Accelerator’s Eddie Prize: Casey Parks

Casey Parks | The New Yorker

“A College Degree More Than 15 Years in the Making”

About the Entry

This article for The New Yorker offers a searing portrait of Dorian Ford, a single mother determined to graduate from Grambling State University, even as the historically black college faces its own institutional challenges. The piece also looks at underlying factors, including institutional racism and the impact of the economic recession on Ford’s life decisions and opportunities.

Comments from the Judges

“This article brilliantly explores two segments of higher education journalism that are severely under-reported: adult learners and minority-serving institutions.”

“I’ve read many stories about students’ struggles to complete college, and I’ve never seen anything this vivid or heartbreakingly personal.”

“A heartbreaking story, beautifully written. Reading this one didn’t feel like work; I got lost in the story. It helped me understand the challenges black, low-income students face. And that is hugely valuable.”