2018 Finalist for the EGF Accelerator’s Eddie Prize: Jon Marcus

Jon Marcus | The Hechinger Report

“More High School Grads Than Ever Are Going to College, But 1 in 5 Will Quit”

About the Entry

This collection of stories digs into the data on federal Pell Grant recipients, looks at initiatives aimed at getting more low-income students into college, and examines the distressingly low rate of return on many of the big-ticket investments being made in boosting postsecondary access and completion.

Comments from the Judges

“The articles marshal some powerful research that should give pause to efforts to increase college attendance until we have better completion strategies.”

“Very good reporting, especially the startling one about the lack of Pell-funded graduates. That was an excellent discovery.”

“Makes a strong argument that adequate supports for these students are missing, and that we have sold them a bill of goods, not to mention a pile of debt.”