2018 Public Service (Large Staff) Finalist: The Washington Post Staff

John Woodrow Cox and Steven Rich | The Washington Post

“School Shootings”

About the Entry

More than 187,000 students have been exposed to gun violence at school since Columbine, The Washington Post finds. Many of those students are never the same.

Comments From the Judges

“This data-driven story made the important but not well-known argument that on any given day, low-income, racial minorities are more likely to be victims of gun violence than their white, more affluent peers. With lots of data and moving narrative, reporters skillfully connected the research to the national debate about kids’ access to guns and school safety policies that may or may not make a difference.”

“The reporting effort is stunning in its depth and detail.”

“An equally important point in the story is that there’s been little attention to mental health and the role of school counselors and teachers in identifying troubled students on the brink of violence.”