2018 Public Service (Medium Staff) Finalist: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Staff

Erin Richards, Kevin Crowe, Angela Peterson, Erin Caughey, Andrew Mollica and Greg Borowski | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

About the Entry

In Milwaukee Public Schools alone, one in four students doesn’t stay with the same school all year, this investigation finds. In some individual schools, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel discovered turnover rates of about 50 percent.

Comments From the Judges

“Fascinating look at an undertold story. Data work is outstanding and well explained. Graphics overall are excellent. Well integrated throughout.”

“It’s perhaps the wonkiest of outcome data, but the brilliance of this project is how digestible and uncomplicated it is. I think this project will put student turnover up there with other indicators like chronic absenteeism in assessing the impediments to school reform.”

“The design was fantastic. … The report made clear ‘why should I care.’ And the use of data was excellent and extensive.”