2018 Public Service (Medium Staff) Finalist: The Post and Courier Staff

Seanna Adcox, Paul Bowers, Jennifer Berry Hawes, Thad Moore, Glenn Smith | The Post and Courier

About the Entry

The series revealed that South Carolina’s schools trail other states by nearly every measure, leaving students unprepared to work as businesses struggle to find qualified workers to fill skilled jobs.

Comments From the Judges

“The Post and Courier did what great papers do: set out to tackle the most important education issue in the state in a comprehensive way. That can be tough when the story seems so big and not traditionally ‘newsy.’”

“This is an exhaustive accounting of South Carolina’s failure to adequately invest any money or reform efforts in its schools, and that is commendable.”

“This broad historical and political sweep of this package makes for satisfying reading. Its summaries are authoritative.”