2018 Single-Topic News (Small Staff) Finalist: Bridge Michigan Staff

Ron French and Lindsay VanHulle | Bridge Magazine

“History Gets a Conservative Twist in Michigan Social Studies Standards”

About the Entry

Ron French and Lindsay VanHulle challenge a group of conservatives with little or no education background who began pushing through conservative changes looking to nix language surrounding “core democratic values” from Michigan’s K-12 social studies curriculum.

Comments from the Judges

“I found this series of articles very interesting and timely in its focus on politically charged changes to social studies standards. And these stories clearly had an impact on the local community, driving attendance at public hearings and eventually the rewriting of the proposed standards.”

This is a great example of reporters grabbing hold of a single subject, a singular story, and not letting go. Top-notch reporting led to community anger and action. These stories, based on dogged reporting and good journalistic instincts, had impact across the state.”