2019 Beat Reporting (Large Staff) Finalist: Eliza Shapiro

Eliza Shapiro | The New York Times

“Inequality in New York City School”

About the Entry

Eliza Shapiro’s coverage of New York City schools includes deeply reported features, a major scoop, and a data-driven investigation that helped frame the public conversation about inequality.

Comments from the Judges

“The clarity and urgency of these stories make them important examples of great education reporting. Shapiro’s use of data, and humanizing the data with common sense reporting makes them very readable and compelling. Amazing work!”

“The story on New York’s elite public school losing their minority students is what education journalism is supposed to be about. It goes beyond the data to explain through exhaustive reporting what that data is showing and why it is the way it is. The story on the homeless students is mind-blowingly good. The level of detail, mixed with just enough context, makes for a tremendous read.”