2019 Features (Large Staff) Finalist: Dana Goldstein

Dana Goldstein | The New York Times

“Opportunity Hoarding”

About the Entry

Dana Goldstein took a broad and deep look at school segregation and educational access. With vivid storytelling she demonstrated the unintended consequences of an integration plan, the bitter political fights that efforts to address segregation can spark, and the glaring wealth gaps in disability education (also known as ‘504′) plans.

Comments from the Judges

“A superb series of three huge pieces digging into different aspects of inequity and segregation. First-rate all the way through. Beautifully written.”

“The story about extra time is an excellent contribution.The data analysis and tight focus on the use – and disproportionate assignment – of diagnoses that lead to accommodations on standardized tests is illuminating and specific.The dissection of the data makes clear how these diagnoses track with wealth, and the additional reporting and interviews amplify the ways in which advantage is given to students and families who already have many of them.”