2020 Audio Storytelling (Smaller Newsroom) Finalists

Black at Mizzou: Confronting Race On Campus
Lauren Brown, Sabby Robinson, Chris Julin, Catherine Winter, and Alex Baumhardt
APM Reports

Comments from the Judges: “Moving, disturbing, a daring nontraditional approach that gives us deep insights into the experience of Black students on college campuses.” “This first-person account of racial tensions at the University of Missouri is a good example of how a reporter can use personal experience to provide valuable insights when telling a complicated story.”

Covid on Campus
Sasha Aslanian, Stephen Smith and Catherine Winer
APM Reports

Comment from the judges: “A very insightful look at the way Covid is pushing economic trends that predated the epidemic, and is helping to push some schools into bankruptcy. The story asks whether higher ed will be stronger after Covid, or irreparably damaged.”

WFPL Series on Student Assignment and Segregation In Louisville
Jess Clark
WFPL Louisville Public Media

Comment from the judges: “A very comprehensive, sensitive analysis of perhaps the most compelling issue facing this reporter’s community: whether to give up on a desegregation plan simply because it hasn’t achieved all its goals.”