2020 Features (Large Newsroom) Finalists

The Children in the Shadows
Samantha Shapiro
The New York Times

Comment from the judges: “The depth and thoroughness of reporting on this piece is remarkable, and Samantha skillfully weaves broader context into the narratives of the families living out a grim and helpless reality, perpetuated by an antiquated system that seemingly prides itself on its inefficacy.”

Climate Change: Are We Ready?
Caroline Preston, Pete D’Amato and Rebecca Klein
The Hechinger Report, HuffPost

Comment from the judges: “A bracing dive into curricular and infrastructural deficiencies of an under-addressed issue in education, particularly in a year when the coronavirus and election dominated the news cycle.”

The Test of Their Lives 
Laura Meckler
The Washington Post

Comment from the judges: “This story stood out because of its strong narrative, showing how students and teachers worked to stick to their goals. It also felt more complete, cataloging successes along with the challenges. I found myself rooting for the students and their teacher through their high moments and low ones.”