2020 Features (Small Newsroom) Finalists

Inside a Preschool That Treats the Youngest Victims of the Opioid Crisis
Emily Tate

Comment from the judges: “This is an education reporter at the top of her game.” “The organization and writing was strong and enhanced by wonderful photos and pull-outs on assessment techniques. I found it to be compelling to read and was glad to see that it had a real impact on the community.”

A Border School for Asylum Seekers Goes Virtual
Jo Napolitano
The 74

Comment from the judges: “Well-written and compelling from start to finish, especially because of access reporter gained to parents and children in the encampment. Issue of great importance that I haven’t seen covered this way before.”

The Long Digital Divide: How Four Presidential Administrations Failed to Fix Internet Inequality Prior to the Pandemic
Kevin Mahnken
The 74

Comment from the judges: “An excellent example of a reporter digging deeper into a pressing issue and putting the present moment in its proper context.”