2020 News (Small Newsroom) Finalists

A ‘Drastic Experiment’: Coronavirus and the Future of American Schooling​
Barbara Kantrowitz, Jackie Mader, Lillian Mongeau and Caroline Preston
The Hechinger Report

Comment from the judges: “I have seen other stories about parents muddling through the pandemic with few good options and about the challenges of translating the kindergarten/early learning experience to the virtual space. However, these articles were probably the most comprehensive and definitive I have read, with a diversity of voices and vivid detail throughout.”

Ed-Tech Companies Promise Results, But Their Claims Are Often Based on Shoddy Research
Sarah Butrymowicz, Tara Garcia Mathewson
The Hechinger Report

Comment from the judges: ”This in-depth look at how for-profit colleges have flourished despite some dubious practices took a deep dive on a subject and came up with a unique expose involving the pandemic while most news outlets were following the pack.”

Higher Ed’s Coronavirus Woes: A Deeper Dive
Jon Marcus, Meredith Kolodner and Sarah Butrymowicz
The Hechinger Report

Comment from the judges: “Loved the sheer variety of higher ed stories that all examine the issues that arose amid the pandemic.