2022 Investigative & Public Service Reporting (Small Newsroom) Finalists

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Mark Keierleber

The 74

Exposing Student Safety Threats

Comments From the Judges:

“Classic investigative reporting that blew the lid off a company’s business practices. Great use of sources who had worked for the company. Not surprising to see the school district end their business relationship with the company and for others to distance themselves from them, even at considerable cost.”

“We appreciated the dogged and thorough reporting … in this series. The reporter meticulously demonstrated breaches by the social media monitoring company and his reporting is having enormous impact. Good investigative reporting overall.”

Tara García Mathewson, Fazil Khan & Maria Polletta

The Hechinger Report & Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting

Education Suspended: When Students Are Blocked From Class for Missing Class

Comments From the Judges:

“Loved this series! Great use of data to reveal how often this unfortunate discipline measure is taken against students who already are vulnerable to dropping out (i.e. one district did 650 times in a four year period) and how it is levied disproportionately against Black, Latino and Indigenous students, raising questions of possible civil rights violations. The series was hard hitting but simultaneously humanized the issue by telling the stories and struggles of real students/families.”

“Great work here, digging and obtaining data even with obstacles. Reporter encountered roadblocks but persisted and wrote a vivid and compelling story about a poor practice and its impact.”

Thomas Peele


Chico State Professor Disciplined for Student Affair Allegedly Threatened Colleagues Who Complained

Comments From the Judges:

“Excellent reporting. Good idea off the bat to request the records. Impressive in that he not only reached out to every relevant source, but got many to speak with him, including the subject and his ex-wife. Not just a one-off: A story that showed the failure of an institution and sparked public outrage. Strong impact including resignation of the provost. Very interesting read.”

“Solid reporting and writing revealing disturbing behavior by a professor and a weak response from the university. Great digging into records to show the timeline of events. Strong public service to the students and professors.”