November 18-19, 2014

Bursting the Bubbles: Reassessing Assessments

For Journalists Only

Since the advent of No Child Left Behind 12 years ago, standardized, fill-in-the-bubble tests have become a major part of the school experience. Some say too much of a part.

But beyond the debate over how much schools test, major changes are under way in how they test. Underlying those changes are questions about just what they’re testing for.

How can assessments get beyond rote memorization and capture the skills most valued in college and work? Can they judge how well students work together and communicate their ideas? Can tests measure critical thinking and creativity? Will tests tied to the Common Core State Standards provide a richer picture of how students stack up?

This journalists-only seminar will be held Nov. 18 – 19 at Stanford University. In addition to exploring the nuances of covering testing and assessment, participants will have the opportunity to visit Impact Academy in Hayward, Calif., which has implemented a student-centered learning and a portfolio model of assessing academic progress.

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