February 27-28, 2015

Charters & Choice

Making Sense of the Fast-Evolving Landscape in K-12 Education

Journalist-Only Seminar

Charter schools. Vouchers. Education tax credits. The “portfolio” model of schooling in cities. It’s nearly impossible to find consensus on these hot-button issues, but one thing is clear: American families are seeing more school options at the K-12 level than ever before, especially in urban areas. And the Republican gains in the 2014 elections at the federal and state levels are widely expected to provide further impetus for expanding school choice.

At this journalists-only seminar in Denver, join fellow reporters and experts to make sense of the evolving landscape of school choice. Get a better handle on places to watch, emerging trends, and enterprising angles to cover.

There’s no shortage of pressing questions to explore, including:

  • What exactly will the new political leadership in states and Congress mean for policymaking on school choice?
  • How meaningful is school choice proving to be in American cities, especially for disadvantaged students?
  • Is enough being done to ensure the quality of charters and voucher schools? What strategies are policymakers pursuing?
  • Is voucher participation likely to hit a critical mass anytime soon? If yes, are enough private schools ready and willing to step up?
  • To what extent are charters and school districts starting to collaborate rather than compete?

We’ll explore these questions and many more during this two-day event in Denver. Reporters will also get the chance to take a field trip to a local charter school in Denver.

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